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sugerencia para usted que es estudiante de esto

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Subject: Gallery: The Dog Portrait Photographer

June 30, 2011

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I, Photographer: The Dog Portraitists
Capturing canines for a living can be tough work, but to Illona Haus, its all part of the job

How To: Photograph Patterns in Nature
Take the time to look around and study the intimate details, and you'll see nature's infinite variety of patterns

How Do You Photograph Strangers on the Street?
A GoPro mounted on top of a Leica M9 gives you a shooter's-eye-view into an interesting street photography process

Stereoscopic Images of the Civil War Can Now be Seen in 3D, No Glasses Needed
The Smithsonian Institute figured out a way to view these images as they were originally intended

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Up Close and Personal

Q. What Should I Buy?

A. Reader and Canon EOS 5D user Gura Nieves asks us what lens he should get "to take pictures of very, very small creatures." The best choice is a dedicated macro lens. What focal length? The longer the macro, the more working space it gives you (important for skittish butterflies and the like), but the more expensive it gets. We'd opt for a short tele such as the 100mm f/2.8 Macro Canon EF ($600, street); if he intends to handhold the lens a lot, the image-stabilized 100mm f/2.8L Macro Canon IS ($1,000, street) would be a better choice.

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